Distracting Sound Samples
All Samples are Dolby 5.1 Encoded
141 kbps Bit Rate
Click to listen to Sound Sample Click to listen to sample  Low Frequency Heavy Flanger  Click to listen to sample
Click Sample Irritating High Frequency  Low Frequency Heavy Flanger  Whale 
Annoying Sounds/Gunshots, Machine Gun Shots, Explosions Annoying Sounds/Car Crash, Stream, Train, Jet, UFO, Burst, Clapping, Laughing Girl Annoying Sounds/Car Engine, Chimes, Helecopter and Door Slam Annoying Sounds/Birds, Stream, Wind
Annoying Sounds/Leer Jet, Train, Siren, and Car Crashes Annoying Sounds/Machine Gun, with Air Craft and Door Creek Annoying Sounds/Rain, Wind, Thunder, Stream Annoying Sounds/Raising Heart Beat
Additional Sounds will be posted as they become available
If you have a library of sounds you would like us to manufacture
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email: Caleb.McAllister@SoundmaskingMusic.com
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